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Whatever your business is, take control of your appointments and events!

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Create and monetize your  <br> <span>{Appointments, Events}</span> Whatever your business is, take control of your appointments and events!

Whatever your business is, take control of your Appointments and Events!

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Native Zoom Integration
Google Meet Integration
Google Calendar integration
Outlook Calendar integration
Event Calendar View
Manage Multiple Employees
Manage Multiple Locations
Create Customer Accounts
Schedule Recurring Appointments
User Roles and Permission Management
Payment Gateway Integration
Completely White Labelled Website

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A Fully Functional white Labelled Website Integrated with your payment gateway is Offered



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We do not provide our customers with a dull, non-interactive webportal to begin their business.

Instead, we provide a White Labeled, professional, customized bespoke user portal with a sub-domain that is exclusive to you.

We also need to integrate key back-end components so that you can operate without interruption.

*If you want us to set up your own payment gateway, the support provided by your payment gateway service provider will also determine how quickly we can get you up and running.

A Basic Zoom package is included in the Plans.

If you want to connect your own Zoom Pro Package, please send an official request to help@eduscope.digital.

We can certainly integrate it.

We will require authorized access to integrate this feature.

Required details will be communicated via email after you have completed your registration process.

Option 1 – I have my own payment gateway, can you integrate it ?

We can certainly integrate your own payment gateway if you have one.

You will be required to share the necessary credentials for the integration. After your registration is complete, we will send you an email with more information.

Option 2- I don’t have my own payment gateway, how can I collect my money ?

The platform includes a Pay-To-Bank feature, which allows your users to make a payment to a specific bank account and upload the bank receipt as proof of payment.

Once the payment verification has been received, you can manually authorize your consultancy session.

Option 3- Can you connect my PayPal account  ?

Yes we can but it has to be a PayPal Business Account.

Option 4- Can I ask my users to pay me personally without using the Pay-To-Bank feature?

Yes, you have complete control over how you collect payments from your users.

Your users can register themselves through the normal checkout process, and once completed, you can manually authorize them through the Administration Panel.

*We are currently in the process of integrating a MutiVendor payment gateway, which will enable our users to use our payment gateway as a service.

This feature will be made available in the near future.

You are free to conduct any consultations as long as you adhere to our community standards and guidelines..

Please refer to our community standards and guidelines.