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E-Launch all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love.

Exclusive Features

Interactive Course Builder
Advanced Quiz Builder
Controlled Video Access based on assignments
Detailed Reporting
Online Certificate After Course Completion
Online Courses with Zoom
Monetize Your Offline Courses
Integrate Payment Gateways *
ℹ For more info please check the video that explains the Payment Gateway Options here
Pay to Bank
Custom Web Portal
Fully mobile Responsive
Dedicated SSD Storage
Encrypted Video Stream **
ℹ Video will be Integrated only in the Lite, Basic and Pro plans.
Personal Video Bookmarks
Dual Stream Playback

Available Pricing

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Ultra Lite
(Launch Offer)
(Launch Offer)
(Launch Offer)
(Launch Offer)
Personalized Web Portal
(Your Domain*)
Intuitive Course Builder
Live Courses with Zoom
Video Courses
Course Instructors (Multi Instructor)
Total Student Enrollments
Course Rating & Review
Question & Answers Section
Video Player with Resuming
Assignment Submission
Grading System
Native Zoom Integration
Advanced Quiz Creator
Time Expiration Prompts
Limit Quiz Attempts
Passing Grade Set
Single Choice and MCQ
Open Ended / Essay/ Short Answer Replies
Payment Gateway integration
We will connect the Client’s Payment Gateway
Manual Payments for Courses
Video Storage and Streaming Platform (VoD)
VOD Platform
Eduscope Stream
Eduscope Stream
Eduscope Stream
Eduscope Stream
VOD Storage SSD
Supports all browsers
Fully Mobile Responsive
Search Engine Optimized
Contains Ads
No Ads
No Ads
No Ads
No Ads
Dual Stream Support
Encrypted Video Content
Personalized Bookmarks
Per Student Analytics
Per Video Analytics
Automated Backups
Automated Portal Backups
14 Days
14 Days
14 Days
14 Days
Automated Video Snapshots
Yes / 1 Snapshot
Yes / 2 Snapshots
Yes / 4 Snapshots
Yes 6 Snapshots
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You are free to create any content as long as you adhere to our community standards and guidelines..

Please refer to our community standards and guidelines.

Yes indeed.

You get to experience almost all the features in our paid plans using the YouTube plan completely free for 100 Days.

The main difference is that you will host your video on YouTube instead of our secure Eduscope Stream Video on Demand servers.

Yes you definitely can.

You can conduct Unlimited Live and Offline courses in the YouTube plan.

Live courses can be conducted by Zoom and the offline courses can be shared using a YouTube Link.

Option 1 – I have my own payment gateway, can you integrate it ?

We can certainly integrate your own payment gateway if you have one.

You will be required to share the necessary credentials for the integration. After your registration is complete, we will send you an email with more information.

Option 2- I don’t have my own payment gateway, how can I collect my money ?

The platform includes a Pay-To-Bank feature, which allows enrolled users to make a payment to a specific bank account and upload the bank receipt as proof of payment.

Once the payment verification has been received, you can manually enroll them in the course.

Option 3- Can you connect my PayPal account  ?

Yes we can but it has to be a PayPal Business Account.

Option 4- Can I ask my enrolled users to pay me personally without using the Pay-To-Bank feature?

Yes, you have complete control over how you collect payments from your enrolled users.

Your users can enroll themselves through the normal checkout process, and once completed, you can manually enroll them through the Administration Panel.

*We are currently in the process of integrating a MutiVendor payment gateway, which will enable our users to use our payment gateway as a service.

This feature will be made available in the near future.

A Basic Zoom package is included in the Plans.

If you want to connect your own Zoom Pro Package, please send an official request to help@eduscope.digital.

Please refer to the following Video Tutorial.

YouTube is the world’s largest video storage and streaming platform.

YouTube is used by millions of people to upload content, so it is generally very safe.

However, the video you upload to YouTube will be completely owned by YouTube.

YouTube’s privacy policy reserves the right to remove your video from the platform at any time.

Before uploading to YouTube, you must be extremely cautious of the YouTube copyright infringement policy.

YouTube will have no problem with your content if it is 100% original and does not contain copyrighted video clips or soundtracks.

If you use the YouTube plan, YouTube will have complete ownership of your videos.

Eduscope Digital accepts no responsibility for your video content.

However, if you upgrade to the Paid Plans, Eduscope Digital will be fully responsible for the videos you upload to the Eduscope VOD (Video on Demand) Servers. We keep regular backups and ensure that your valuable content is always safe with us.

We will not charge you unless you are fully satisfied with our platform.

We offer the YouTube Plan free of charge for 100 days so that you can make sure that our platform suits your needs.

You can shift to a paid plan once you are fully confident.

None of our Paid Plans requires commitments beyond one month.
Therefore we do not refund your payment.

YouTube Plans

If you use our YouTube Plan, you have 100 days to use it.

However, if your account remains inactive for 30 days, the system will delete it automatically.

Prior to canceling your account, we will notify you via email.

Paid Plans

You will be billed every 30 Days

We will remind you via email when your payment is due .

The system will consider Day 25 to Day 29 as the grace period.

Failure to comply within these 4 Days will result in the auto termination of your account.

You will be offered 48 Hours to download your video content from our Video Hosting Servers and they will be auto discarded thereafter.

We hate to see you go, but if you are truly suffering from a critical health condition or are a victim of a natural disaster, please contact us at help@eduscope.digital.

We will treat such situations as special circumstances and get back to you personally.

* Please do not abuse this special service.

We are delighted to have you back, but please be aware that you will be required to register as a new user.

Your previous subdomain may be inaccessible during your new registration because it is being used by another user.. If your previous subdomain is still available, you can definitely have it.

We do not provide our customers with a dull, non-interactive webportal to begin their business.

Instead, we provide a White Labeled, professional, customized bespoke user portal with a sub-domain that is exclusive to you.

We also need to integrate key back-end components so that you can operate without interruption.

*If you want us to setup your own payment gateway, the support provided from your payment gateway service provider will also determine how quickly we can get you up and running.